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Media library

The Media library is a library for your multimedia and other files. In the Media library you are able to create folders and upload files. After uploading the files, you can use them within the default HTML editor.

To access the Media library, first click on Database in the left menu. Then you can click on Media library. Next click on one folder, in our case the test folder.

Media library.png

This online media library working in a very similar way as Microsoft windows explorer. You can create a new folder, upload individual files or upload a zip compressed files.

On the top-right corner, next to the folder name, you can see the icons for the following actions:

  • Go to the parent folder
  • Delete the selected folders or files
  • Create a new folder
  • Upload a file to the current folder

Now upload a file to this folder.

To insert your uploaded files from the Media library into your pages, first go back to the default HTML editor. Then click on the Media content icon to access the Media library. Now you can add your uploaded files into your HTML content.

Media library in tinymce.png

Media library add files.png