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KoobooMail is a commercial email marketing software available as a downloadable product and SaaS (Mailifly). KoobooMail is aimed at streamlining and simplifying the process of sending and managing email marketing campaigns. It was originally founded under the name, Kooboo Communicator in February 2010 and was launched in March 2011. In November, Kooboo Communicator was renamed KoobooMail. KoobooMail was written using ASP.NET MVC with MS SQL and MongoDB. The downloadable version of KoobooMail is compatible only on the Windows platform. Although KoobooMail operates in most browsers, for optimal experience it is recommended to use a minimum of Firefox 3.5, Internet Explorer 8, Google Chrome or Safari.

Chapter 1: Getting Started

Chapter 2: Users

This chapter deals with:

Software Menu User Account Details

Sign In

Go to the home page of KoobooMail, for example: http://www.kooboomail.com/Home/LogIn. Enter your username and password in the fields as shown below and click the LOG IN button.

Software Menu

Once you have signed in to KoobooMail you will notice that a user menu appears in the left navigation panel. The following table gives a short description of the typical menu items you will see:

Table 1 : User Menu

Chapter 3: Subscribers

Chapter 4: Campaign Management

Chapter 5: Reports

Chapter 6: Mailing List

Chapter 7: Survey

Chapter 8: Settings

Chapter 9: Template Development Guide