Kooboo CMS on load balanced servers

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There are some advantages of Kooboo cms for big websites, supports multiple servers farm and also recently the Microsoft Azure support.

There are ways to implement this. The easiest solution/work around are below:

  1. All servers use the same shared SQL server/MongoDB or other servers.
    There are some content of Kooboo cms that does not save on database. Like pages, it is mainly disk based.
  2. Synchronize the Cms_Data folder.
    Cms_Data folder is where all the pages and other disk based information is stored. You need to synchronize the contents of this Cms_Data folder across the servers.
    There are third party tools available to do folder synchronization between servers.
  3. Synchronize the server cache.
    Kooboo CMS use cache to improve performance, when file is changed in one server, it only update to the cache of that server instantly, to update the cache on other servers quickly you need to activate the Kooboo cache notification service.
Make sure the bin folder has this file: Kooboo.CMS.Caching.NotifyRemote.dll
In the web.config, add the following configuration.
      <add name="localhost" url="" delay="0"/>
  • URL: The remote server API Uri
  • Delay: The time span/wait to update the other servers. This should be longer than the Cms_Data synchronization period to make sure we only update the cache of the servers after the file content has been synchronized there.