Installation guide

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Installation guide

The latest installation files can always be found at: The file name is most of the time "". Download and unzip it to a local folder.

Kooboo cms download files.png

The Koboo_CMS folder contains a standard ASP.NET MVC website. First start up your Visual Studio.NET 2010. Then click on File and select Open --> Web Site. Now you can start using the Kooboo CMS.

Kooboo cms VSNET open website.png

As an alternative, you can also set up a website with IIS and print the root directory to the Kooboo_CMS folder. Make sure that your website can support ASP.NET MVC. In IIS 5 or 6, you might want to map the wildcard (*) extension to the ASP.NET ISAPI filter to make sure that ASP.NET MVC runs smoothly.

Security setting

If you are setting up Kooboo CMS manually, make sure that IIS user has the read/write/execute rights to the CMS_Data folder.

Open your favorite browser and visit the website you just created. You can start using the Kooboo CMS now.