Folder management

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Add a folder and content

Click on Database and then click on Contents to open the content folder list page.

Content folder.png

Click on the 'Create folder' button to create a new folder.

New content folder.png

Now give your folder a name and select the proper content type. If your content contains category information, for example news belongs to a news category, then you can also assign a category folder to your content folder.

Click Save to save the changes. You are done, now you can start to add your content. Navigate to the folder you just created, click Create new on the top menu to add your content items. See below screen.

Folder new content.png

Category folder

Category folder is used to make a relation between two content folder. For example, News and blogs has a category.

In the folder creation page, you can select the category folder name.

Category folder.png

If you assign a category folder, in the content editing page, you can select the value for the category folder.

Category folder selection.png

Category folder value can be used as a filter in the Data rule condition and content query API.

Category folder datarule.png