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Latest release

Released files

  • The compiled web site of Kooboo CMS. It is used to deploy the kooboo cms into the IIS by Web Platform Installer.
  • Used to deploy the Kooboo CMS into Windows azure.
  • Used to deploy the Kooboo CMS on MONO/*NIX/MacOS.
  • The text content database providers for Kooboo CMS. See Setup database provider to learn how to change a database provider.
  • The template engines for Kooboo CMS. See Setup template engines to learn how to add a new template engine into Kooboo CMS.
  • The sql server user provider for Kooboo CMS. See Setup user provider.
  • Kooboo CMS.chm: The api document of Kooboo CMS.
  • Kooboo.CMS.ModuleArea.vsi: The visual studio project template for Kooboo CMS module development. See Module development to learn more.
  • Kooboo.CMS.PluginTemplate.vsi: The visual studio project for Kooboo CMS page plugin development. See Page plugin development.
  • File:Kooboo CMS Azure pack Used to pack your Kooboo CMS Site as a Windows Azure Setup package. [V3.2]
  • Used to sync the caching in different servers.[V3.2]
  • Used to store the media/attachment files into a isolated file server.[V3.2]
  • Used to store the site data(Page,HtmlBlock,Label) on SQLServer. [V3.2]

Old releases

Kooboo CMS 3.2.1

Kooboo CMS 3.2.0

New features

  • Controller replaceable feature. Kooboo.CMS.Sites.ControllerTypeCache.RegisterController("Kooboo.CMS.Sites.Controllers.Front.PageController", typeof(MyPageController));
  • Add "ResourceDomain" on site setting, enable setting an separated domain for the styles and scripts resource. Three new methods added:
RegisterAbsoluteScripts(string baseUri)
RegisterAbsoluteStyles(string baseUri)
Url.FrontUrl().ResourceCDNUrl(string relativeUrl).
  • Add inheritance feature to scripts resource.
  • Add two new properties.
  Enable the developer to dynamically change the page layout and theme in plug-in code.
  • Search function in labels list page.
  • Add VisibleOnSidebarMenu property on Text Folder, enalbe users to hide the folder from the sidebar menu.
  • The views start with "Builtin." will be used by @Html.FrontHtml().RenderView, do not show in the page designer.

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Kooboo CMS 3.1.1

  • Fixed: The view renders twice and cause reduction in post
  • Fixed: Editing user throws exception.
  • Fixed: The text folder without setting.config is now ignored. forum post
  • Changed: The resized image can be cached in the post
  • Changed: DateTime.UtcNow is now returned as the default value of UtcCreationDate and UtcLastModificationDate.

Kooboo CMS 3.1.0