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Content type

Content type is the type of information that you would like to present on your website. For example, you would like to have News content on your website. Then you can define the content type News with the elements Title, Body and Author.

Content type definition will generate the content input form and list page.

To add a new content type, first click on Database and then click on Content type. Now click on the Create button to create a new content type.

New content type.png

In the Create content type screen, first fill in an unique name for your content type. Then click on Create field to add a field to your content type. Information regarding embedded content can be found in the Embedded content type document.

Content type screen.png

You can add as many fields as you like.

Content type fields.png

A content type can have the following basic information:

  • Name: Name of your field, excludes the following characters:\/:*?<>|
  • Label: Descriptive label of your field on the content editing page
  • ControlType: The way that you would like to input your content. For example, a textbox, dropdownlist or other control types.
  • DataType: In what form your information should be stored.
  • Default value: The initial value when you are adding a new content item.
  • Order: Order of this field in the content editing page
  • Primary field: Primary fields will be used as a title or summary to describe your content item
  • Content list page:Show this field in the CMS content list page

The Advanced tab contains the following informaiton:

  • Tooltip: Input tip while users entering content
  • Length: The max string length of this field value
  • AllowNull: allows null value in this field.
  • Modifiable: Enable the modification of this field in the content editing page.
  • Indexable: Include this field in the Lucene.NET full text search index.

The Validation tab contains rules you can define to validate data before submission. Click the add icon to add as many rules as you like.

Content type validation.png

Embedded content type

Embedded content type is used to embed other contents within current content. If you would like to make a relation between two contents, please use Category folder instead.

To embed another content type, in the content type adding page, select the embedded content type.

Embeded content type.png

The embeded content shows as a seperated column in the content list page.

Embeded content item.png

Double click on the Category(0) in above screen to add a new embedded content.

Embeded content item add.png

System fields

Column name Data type Description
Id String Only enable on the relational database(SQLCe,SQLServer, MySQL, etc).
UUID String
Repository String The database name of content data.
FolderName String
UserKey String The friendly unique key of the content.(Generate by the content Title field)
UtcCreationDate DateTime
UtcLastModificationDate DateTime
Published bool?
UserId string
SchemaName string
ParentFolder string
ParentUUID string
OriginalUUID string The original content uuid of the broadcast content.
OriginalRepository string The original content database name of the broadcast content.
OriginalFolder string The original content folder name of the broadcast content.
IsLocalized bool?
Sequence int